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We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service beyond their expectations.

Rubiix is committed to partnering our clients in the pursuit of their business and personal objectives and to help you create a well balanced business environment.

If you are located in a regional area we will travel to your location for face to face meetings and to ensure we have an in depth understanding of your business.

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Delivering service beyond your expectations

  • To clients personal wealth by offering value added services in addition to normal accounting and tax services
  • We will provide a proactive service keeping you up to date with the latest business practices
  • Where practical we will use our clients’ services as a preferred supplier
  • We will actively introduce our clients to each other to encourage them to conduct business together
  • We will not only listen to you we will comprehend what is being said or keep asking questions until we are sure that the communication channels are open and clear
  • We will add value by assisting you to set and reach your goals
  • We are committed to providing the highest standard of advice and expertise at all times. We will not take short cuts nor lower our standards for the sake of price
  • We will provide estimates of fees for your agreement in advance of us commencing work.
  • We will keep you appraised if anything unforeseen develops during the work which may result in an increase or decrease to the original fee estimation
  • We will communicate with you through your desired method of contact as frequently as is required to ensure we deliver service beyond your expectations
  • We will return telephone calls within 24 hours during normal business hours
  • We will endeavour to complete your accounts and tax work within a 6 week period, commencing from receipt of all the necessary information from you
  • We will encourage you in your business and personal goals and assist you to achieve them in the timeframe you desire
  • We will encourage you to undertake interim reporting so that there are no surprises at the end of a tax year
  • We will produce action items from each meeting with you to ensure that there is an understanding of all that was agreed
  • We will provide recommendations for possible improvements with each year’s accounts
  • We will commit to defined career paths for our employees enabling us to retain high quality staff to ensure our clients receive consistency in both service and contact with our firm
  • Our service standards will not be compromised and we will not allow our commitment to you to falter